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It's hard to believe that a site like this doesn't already exist for Californians. I'm looking forward to using this site to find and interview IHSS providers for my father.

Leah H., Caregiver

I think the hardest part of finding a provider, is finding one close. I'm excited to be able to pinpoint my search to areas close to my home.

Gloria V., Recipient

The paper lists sent from my local registry are frustrating, to say the least. I'm looking forward to finally being in control of my search for a WPCS provider for my son.

Angela W., Caregiver

As a provider, I'm excited to not have to rely on Facebook to find work. Now I can apply for specific jobs in my area and recipients can easily find and message me.

Shoshana G., Provider

I live on my own and depend on IHSS providers for most of my daily basic care needs. When one of my providers cancels last minute there isn't a way to fill that void quickly. I'm most excited about having more options.

Henry S., Recipient

I'm excited for this new support for IHSS! I've hoped for years that there could be a better system and database for finding new providers.

Nancy B., Provider

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