IHSS Change of Address: What You Need to Know

IHSS Change of Address
Moving somewhere else within California? Don't forget to officially change your address.

How to Change Your Address

If you’re a consumer or provider of In-Home Supportive Services in California and have moved or plan on moving, you must notify your IHSS county office of the change of address. Below details how to change your address with IHSS. A new address and/or phone number are required to be reported within 10 days of the change.

The appropriate CDSS form to download and fill out is the SOC 840 IHSS Program Provider or Recipient Change of Address and/or Telephone.

This form allows you to confirm your current address, your new home address and/or a new contact phone number. You can print this out and hand-write your answers or fill it out online directly on the page. You must sign and date the form, so make sure not to forget that important step if you choose to fill out the form online.

Please note, if you only need to change your phone number, recipients will soon be able to make that change in the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) without having to complete the SOC 840. However, a change of address for the consumer will always require using the SOC 840 or contacting your social worker. 

Basic Instructions to Fill Out Form SOC 840

In Box 1, check whether you are a provider or recipient. Box 2 gives you space to enter your IHSS provider or recipient number. Be sure to enter it correctly. Boxes 4 through 7 is where you enter info about your previous and future residence. Fill in your phone number in Box 8 and leave Box 9 blank if you don’t have a new number. 

Once you’ve completed and signed the SOC 840 form, deliver it to the appropriate county office. If you decide to mail it, it’s advised to send it via certified mail. It’s good practice to notify your social worker of the change of address, as well. For a list of County IHSS Offices, click here.

**IMPORTANT: Please do not email this company, IHSS Connect, your change of address form as we are not affiliated with your county IHSS office. You must submit your change of address form to your local IHSS County office. Use the link above to find your county office.

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